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Social communication is a very important thing in life. Almost everyone acknowledges its importance but doesn't practice it much. Communication does not necessarily include two or more people, but talking alone is also counted. Communication is not simply about speaking but also sending emails, messages, etc. 3 ways of communication: words, voice and body language.

According to linguists, the center of communication is on the message - what to convey. Then there must be the sender of that message and its recipient. When conducting communication, there must be a purpose to implement the necessary strategies and tools. When you want to send a message, you must think about your relationship with that person, the means of sending the message must be suitable for that person. In addition, it is necessary to detect the noise (exogenous, endogenous), otherwise we will continue the conversation between two people who do not understand each other. Exogenous noise is the external noise: car horns, karaoke, etc. Endogenous noise is the pre-existing biases in our mind, only hearing and understanding what we like to hear and understand, and ignore what is different from our point of view. To improve communication, we must listen to things that are different from our worldview, although active listening is a very difficult habit to cultivate. You should listen carefully, set your own communication formula, for example, you should listen 2/3 of the time, speak 1/3 of the time.

Communication is the total of all activities that lead to a connection with a person. The core principle of communication is to make other people like you. What a person likes the most is themself. So talk about them, they will listen. In particular, try to remember their names and look them in the eyes when communicating. A conspicuous shortcoming of many salespeople is that they are too focused on the product and not on the customer, causing them not to achieve the desired business results.

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