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Creating vibrant and playful offices is a tactic often employed by the likes of Google to recruit and retain talent and there’s no doubt that Google manages to maintain this consistency through other strands of its workplace strategy.

But many companies make a mistake of just following the Google approach blindly and creating a space that not only might not work for their employees but can also give the wrong impression to their customers. 

There’s no point filling your boardroom walls with crazy-colored graffiti if this doesn’t say anything about or to your staff and company culture.

It’s important that the culture and vision of a company is well integrated into any office design, says Harsha Kotak, design manager at K2 Space. 

A great example of this is K2 Space’s recent News UK building, whose graphics incorporating the organization’s brand values cover internal walls and glass. Says Kotak, 

“When we completed the refurbishment of their new office the feedback we got from the client was ‘our staff feel proud to work in our new space’.”

Good office design can reinforce the qualities of a company’s products or services to their customer as well as their employees. 

Visitors should be able to understand what your company is all about from the second they set foot in the building.