DBa Interior DBa Interior

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  • Scope of Work: Design & Build
  • Client:
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Completion Date: 2015

With the traditional style of design, Lava Stone restaurant brings a unique and warm atmosphere to the customer.

To indicate the traditional style, it must be how the materials like rock, brick wall, patterns on the floor, wooden,... are used to make the inner space close to nature. Wooden is chosen to utilize the Vietnam spirit, incorporating the brick wall and jars. As a place for dining with friends or family, the restaurant's inner space is designed with warm light to make it enjoyable. Besides the plant make the place feel closer to nature.

Simplicity plays as a significant highlight for the dining place, which displays through the efficient use of light color and wooden floor. The simple wall replaces the traditional thick brick wall to serve as a modern style but still in the traditional.

Lava Stone is a harmonious combination of modern and traditional styles.