DBa Interior DBa Interior

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  • Scope of Work: Design & Build
  • Client: Làng Thảo Điền
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Completion Date: 2014

A Nordic coastal Look with touches and surroundings of a tropical wetland: clean designs, bold and simple cuts with the monochromatic scheme of distinct brick reds screaming out an adventurous spirit of the Nordic coastal life. On just a simple slightly off white background, furniture and utilities in most black or dark wood are reasonably put in without making the whole set up feels heavy or messy. Buildings and the lobby are design with the simple white-out coat and touches of natural red brick colors, on top of which is the use of huge standing umbrellas, finishing a Nordic coastal designed restaurant that is often seen in Northern Europe historical places. This design, putting into such a surrounding of the peaceful and elegant tropical wetland, turns into a special stroke, adding a sense of lust and strong youth. The view tropical wetland with smooth, curvy, and gentle feel, calms down the strength of the whole design and altogether created an interestingly balanced combination of wilderness and gentleness. The green add-ins are repeatedly used, creating a consistent rhythm and leading, connecting, and blending nature into the place. The design and its surroundings work well together, each makes the other special because of their interesting differences that help to complete each other.