DBa Interior DBa Interior

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  • Scope of Work: Design & Build
  • Client: VUS
  • Location: Binh Duong
  • Completion Date: 2017

Modestly located within a complex building, VUS Becamex’s design offers an extraordinary look making it appear differently from other structures.

The lobby is decorated in a strong and energetic hue to create a powerful impression as well as draw people’s attention. The large area is separated into particular sections including the reception and waiting zones. All are equipped with distinctive interiors such as a swivel chair in a red and dark rug for the reception, or wooden chairs and tables for the waiting area. For that reason, every section is easily distinguished; however, it causes no lack of connection as there is hardly any actual boundary between these sectors.

The classrooms hold a different style of design in comparison with the previous part. More specifically, a wide range of colors and child-friendly interiors are chosen to make an attractive and vivid space. Walls, ceilings, and even rugs are brilliantly decorated with lively hand-drawn pictures and colorful geometric patterns, helping stimulate children’s creativity. Furniture involving chairs and tables has been selected carefully to make sure they are fit for the concept. Besides being painted in eye-catching and lively colors, they are made of suitable materials that are safe for children to use.