DBa Interior DBa Interior

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  • Scope of Work: Design & Build
  • Client: YOLA
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Completion Date: 2018

Designed in a simple yet impressive way, Yola Binh Tan draws observers’ attention by its attractive combination of colors, interior, and architecture.

Since colors are the factors that make the first impression on vision, they are used differently in terms of decoration for each section. The lobby whose function is to welcome customers makes an attractive look through the notable blue. Meanwhile, the classrooms and common rooms are primarily painted in white as they are the place for concentration and relaxation.

The wooden interiors play an important role in specifying the design of Yola Binh Tan as well. Along with furniture, the usage of this organic material in small details such as door frames or staircase railing makes it a subtle highlight and appeals to observers’ eyes.

Last but not least, other types of interior are efficiently used to complete the aesthetic and functional aspects of this design. Several minimalist naked lamps on the ceiling in conjunction with geometric patterns in the lobby give the space a unique look. In addition to that, the glass partitions between classrooms and corridors establish a spatial connection, yet ensure privacy thanks to the stripe patterns adorned on their surface.